Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ethan Out of His (Hopefully) Final Surgery

Ethan is out of the ICU and doing pretty well. We are back on the cardiac floor so they can watch his heart a bit more but all seems to be pretty normal. He isn’t eating too well yet so he is still on IV fluids until he can. He is also in what seems to be a lot more pain than he had with his heart surgeries. It makes no sense as they both seem like they would be extremely painful. He is such a champ and is handling this waaaaaaay better than I would be in his situation. They say kids are so resilient and Ethan is proving this to be 100% true.

The surgeon was very pleased after the surgery and hopes that after all the healing takes place, he won’t have to have anymore surgeries on his head. He said when he took out the section of bone that was the huge indention or headband looking part, the rest of the head popped right into place. Even now, we can see a marked difference. Of course time will tell. The plan is to go and get fitted for his helmet on November 30 and then get the helmet sometime later that week. After that, depending how he heals, he will keep the helmet on for anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months or so.

So praise the Lord things have gone so well so far. After all we have been through, the Lord continues to guide us, comfort us and bless us. He has never left us and although this surely hasn’t been our timing, His timing has been absolutely perfect. Your prayers have been critical to us and we are so blessed by your encouragement.


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